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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was back with the pack today after a brief hiatus to address medical concerns. He was happy to be out on the trails with his buddies Sputnik and Roger Roger. We took a leisurely pace, with plenty of stops so everyone could sniff around to their hearts' contents. I was again impressed with how well Sputnik maintained his composure as we passed by multiple dogs, even as Dylan and Roger Roger lingered to sniff hello with them.

Variety Pack

We had a new member join the pack this afternoon: Carl! Carl is Zoey's new little brother, about 6 months old now. He was a little wary when first sniffing hello with Dylan and Sputnik in the car, who were both very interested in our new little buddy. Ruffers was more chill and let Carl come to her where she lay. Out on the walk, Carl did a good job of keeping place and not getting tangled up with his packmates, though his nose kept drawing his attention off the side of the path. Ruffers was very calm and sweet with Carl when he jumped around on her during our stops in parks along the way. Aside from some car-sickness, it was a good first outing for our newest little pack member!

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