Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rey made a few playful runs during our hike at Shanahan Ridge, to see if Dylan would chase her. Dylan was more interested in sniffing his way along the edge of the trail than in chasing a playful pup, so Rey eventually stopped trying. Sputnik was a little more polite with Rey today; he didn't try to mount her, but he was certainly thinking about it a couple times, as he started to hover around her. Roger Roger stayed right in place next to me through the whole hike - aside from when he had to poop, and suddenly stopped in place to do his business.

Variety Pack

Zoey was content with her usual stops on our way around Wonderland Lake, this afternoon, and didn't insist on any additional ones. Rey, Lou, and Ruffers have also all grown accustomed to the routine, and tended to pick up the pace as they approached the spots where they all like to sniff.