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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik snuggled in the back of the packmobile on our way to the trail. I snapped a photo of them before we headed out. It's funny to think of how they used to grumble at one another when Dylan was new to the pack and they weren't used to each other yet, contrasted with what good buddies they've become. Ruffers and Lou joined for the hike instead of coming out this afternoon, since several pack members ended up being out for the day. Sputnik and Dylan both grumbled a bit at Lou when she hopped into the packmobile with them, but everybody relaxed after a round of treats. Ruffers regularly hikes with Sputnik and Dylan on Wednesdays, and regularly goes out with Lou Friday afternoons, so she was immediately greeted with wags and sniffs from everybody. Dylan made the most of the snow, as he took multiple opportunities to roll around in it throughout the hike. The rest of the pack stayed upright as they sniffed along the trail. Sputnik spent some time off leash with Dylan when there weren't other canine hikers in sight. Dylan took the lead for much of the hike. Every so often, he would stop and look back, waiting for Sputnik to catch up to him. Lou, Ruffers, and I were a bit further back, but as soon as Sputnik would catch up to him, he would turn back up the trail and continue on ahead.


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