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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The atmosphere was serene at Shanahan Ridge this morning. We saw a couple other dogs early on, and then only human hikers after that, so Sputnik got to spend almost the entire hike off-leash with Dylan. Dylan broke up the tranquility periodically by being goofy and wiggling around in the snow. Roger Roger was back out with the pack after having a heart murmur checked by the vet, and getting the go-ahead to resume normal exercise. Still, I kept the hike to a leisurely pace and we just enjoyed the quiet, snow-blanketed scene.

Variety Pack

Carl had his first pack outing without puking today! He has been struggling with car sickness ever since he started coming out, but he finally made it through without any signs of distress. Hopefully, this is a sign that he's getting past that unfortunate tendency. Lou was very happy to see Carl, and he was likewise excited, as Lou was the first pack member Carl met (aside from his big sister Zoey, of course). Ruffers helped to box Carl in and keep him on track during the walk, as Carl is still working on his on-leash walking skills. She was ambivalent about her role at first, and kept trying to switch places so she could walk beside me instead; but she eventually accepted her duty and then did an excellent job serving as a Carl buffer. Meanwhile, Zoey and Lou walked very nicely in place at my other side.