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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger joined Dylan to roll around in the snow, except Roger Roger more rubbed his head and shoulders in it instead of flopping down and rolling on his back. Sputnik had his nose to the ground for much of the way up the mountain, down the Ski Jump Trail, and along the Bluebell-Mesa trail. Dylan and Roger Roger stopped to sniff here and there, but not with the same intensity of focus as their packmate.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Ruffers, and Zoey sniffed a lot of piles of fallen leaves beside the Bear Creek Path, this afternoon. Poppy and Ruffers also took particular interest in a large bundle of branches that we came upon at one point. Zoey got spooked by some of the bikers who zipped by us today. She didn't bark - she just jumped back as they came up from behind us. The moisture on the concrete path made their tires a bit more noisy than usual, and I think that's what freaked her out.


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