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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Riley headed to Shanahan Ridge together for their hike today. They both wanted to take their time at the trail head, checking on the reports from all the other dogs who have been hiking there lately. At one point during the hike, Riley's attention turned from the landscape to Sputnik, and she thoroughly sniffed all around his face. Sputnik responded at first with a gentle sniff in return, and then just stood in place and let Riley check him out until she was satisfied. After that little moment, it was back to sniffing dirt, grass, and snow.

Variety Pack

Zoey searched the ground frantically after missing the first snowball I threw to her. Another one soon followed, after I got her attention back, and she caught it that time. Rey also enjoyed catching a couple. Lou, on the other hand, could not have care less about snowballs. I threw a few to her, thinking she might become more interested once she knew what was coming. Nope. She turned to watch a biker ride by along the Bear Creek Path, and the last snowball that I lobbed landed squarely on her head, with no reaction from her. But she was curious about some of the icy snow-pack that Rey started chewing up, and watched her with keen interest, even though she didn't try a piece for herself.

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