Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was very happy to see her packmates again after her vacation. She hopped into the car with a big smile, and Riley and Sputnik greeted her with fervent sniffing. The trail was relatively quit today, so Ruffers and Sputnik got to spend a lot of time off leash; however, they both stuck on or very near the trail, and didn't wander that far from me and Riley. Riley was happy to sniff around the various points of interest that her packmates discovered along the way.

Variety Pack

We saw a roller-blader and a roller-skater on the Bear Creek Path today. Rey wasn't too bothered by the roller-skater who came up from behind us, but she did hop at the roller-blader who passed right after. Thankfully, she was securely on leash this time, and immediately settled down. When we stopped in one of the fields beside the path, Rey chewed on couple twigs while Zoey and Lou sniffed around in the grass.