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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff joined the Monday hiking crew today. He and Ruffers wandered through the snow-dusted fields, following their noses as they went. Riley and Sputnik kept back-tracking along the trail to double-check spots they had just passed. The mood was pretty mellow, without any of the dogs seeking to stir up a play session.

Variety Pack

Rey was feeling rambunctious from the beginning of our pack walk. It came out in bursts at a few points along the way. Lou was game to hop around with her on a dime. Zoey also joined in with some spins during one of Rey's moments. Racer, on the other hand, was less interested in turning the walk into a wrestle session, and stood by while I let the others have a bit of fun and then wrangled them back into walking formation. Everyone was particularly interested in checking out tree trunks this afternoon, so we stopped a a number of them along the way.


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