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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We were a short way in from the trail head when I realized I forgot my phone in the car. I turned the pack around to head back and grab it. Sputnik must have thought the hike was ending short, because he immediately stopped to poop. A minute later, he stopped to poop again, like he was trying to get it all out while we were still on the trail. Once I retrieved my phone, we took an extra swift pace along our route at Shanahan Ridge. Ruffers stopped to sniff hello with one friendly dog, while Riley and Sputnik stood beside me at a short distance away. The pack made a couple other stops to sniff at some baby pine trees, but we mostly kept on the move to make the time lost from back-tracking.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Lou, and Rey headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Lou and Rey watched passing dogs with great interest, and somewhat stiffened postures. I tapped Rey with a finger behind the ear to get her attention, and she immediately turned to face me and wiggled. Lou's focus on the other dog also broke when she saw Rey turn to me, and they competed to show me who could wiggle harder. Zoey was nonchalant about the other dogs we saw, as she usually is on walks, and she got pets for her good manners when Lou and Rey got pets for yielding their attentions.

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