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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a lot windier at Shanahan Ridge than I was expecting this morning. The trails were also a lot slushier than I thought they would be, with a lot of deep puddles. Sputnik, Ruffers, and Riley didn't seem to mind the conditions, but we didn't see as many hikers out today. We did see a new face arranged on a rock, not far from our mustachioed friend from a couple weeks ago.

Variety Pack

The wind had died down a bit by the afternoon, so the afternoon walk with Ruffers, Zoey, Lou, and Rey was more serene. We did pass a white Husky at one point who barked at us as he went by, but nobody overreacted. Lou and Rey were pretty alert, but I kept redirecting their attentions to me and rewarded them with treats. Zoey wanted to pull over and sniff in some spots that aren't on her usual checklist, and everyone was happy to check things out with her.