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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan enjoyed a roll in the grassy park at the Chautauqua before we hit the mountain trail. Avo waited until a little later to roll around in the dirt and brush once we were on the mountain. While Ruffers and Dylan were off-leash, many hikers said hello to them and told them how good they were. When Avo was off-leash, she had fun breaking some branches off of a dead, fallen tree, and nibbled on a bit of horse dung that was still left from the piles we encountered last week.

Variety Pack

When picking up the Variety Pack members while Avo was still in the car from the morning hike, I caught a photo of Avo and Carl cuddling in the packmobile. Rey, Lou, Zoey and Carl headed to Wonderland Lake this afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The whole pack stopped to sniff around and leave scent marks at several spots along the way. We bumped into a OSMP volunteer named Jessie whom the Adventure Pack usually sees at the Chautauqua. She happily greeted the dogs as they all crowded around her for attention.

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