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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Sputnik, Griff, and Ruffers enjoyed a beautiful morning at Shanahan Ridge. Several calm, friendly dogs came by and sniffed hello along the way. Griff and Ruffers were eager to greet them. Sputnik and Racer were content to stay by my side and avoid saying hello, but remained calm and pleasant themselves, as their packmates made friends.

Variety Pack

Gidget and Riley were ecstatic to see each other today, after having gotten well acquainted while boarding together earlier in the year. During the walk, the pack got a lot more practice of good on-leash manners. Avo gave me plenty of chances to reward her for behaving herself as we passed other dogs today, and she was sure to remind me of her good manners by poking my hand with her nose as they went by. Zoey made most of her usual stops, but forewent a couple as well. Whenever the pack stopped to sniff, Zoey was the last to be satisfied. Blu was also especially keen on sniffing around today. When we made a stop in a grassy park, Mamacita was on cusp of shouldering down for a roll; but she decided against it at the last moment, and returned to a fully upright position. I wonder what changed her mind.


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