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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Sputnik spent some time roaming at Shanahan Ridge this morning. Racer kept her nose to the ground as she walked, and nibbled on some twigs and pine cones along the way. During the last stretch of our hike, several dogs in back yards that border the trail started barking at us. Griff whined a little bit, and Racer gave one huff in response to them. Surprisingly, Sputnik was the only one who completely ignored the barking dogs, and he wagged his tail happily as I reached back to give him a pat on the head.

Variety Pack

The pack followed a similar pattern to Tuesday's walk, when we stopped in the same field beside the path. Avo, Riley, and Zoey started chewing up branches and twigs while Mamacita went for a wiggle in the grass. Griff took a pass on both activities, and just sniffed around casually while his packmates enjoyed themselves. It was a nice outing for the last pack walk of 2020!

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