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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Griff got some time to wander the trails off leash, as we came across a couple stretches without other dogs around. Racer happily sniffed her way along the side of the trail. I had to intervene a couple times when she came across some poop that she unfortunately found appealing. Sputnik and Racer kept their cools even when an off-leash, male black Lab with a notably upright posture strutted up, stopping just a few feet away. Griff also minded his manners, as usual. Everybody got a couple treats for handling that encounter so well.

Variety Pack

Avo found a nice, thick stick to chew on at Martin Park. Riley and Mamacita each gave it a quick chew, as well. Avo then rolled around in the grass, while Mamacita opted to stand around with Zoey and Riley. After that, everybody stayed remarkably calm when we passed a backyard with a dog barking on the other side of the fence. The rest of the walk was pretty calm, except when a roller-blader passed us from behind. Mamacita gave a single, stern, "Woof!" and Avo punctuated the sentiment with a single woof of her own. Near the end of the walk, Avo got a little bit more riled up about a dog who passed by, even though she and the rest of the pack had been earning lots of treats for good manners before that.