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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was excited to greet the first dog we encountered on the trail today. After sniffing hello and hopping around a little bit, he sprinted up the trail to catch back up with the rest of us. Zoey was also off leash, but was more interested in sniffing around than in greeting other dogs. A little later on, as we walked through a field, Racer started growling and staring ahead of us intensely. It took a moment for me to realize that the source of her concern was just a large snowball in the grassy field, presumably left over from a snowman. By that time, Griff had joined in with some grumbles of his own. I had to address Racer and calm her down a couple times as we made our way to the snowball, at which point she and her packmates all sniffed it out. Sputnik punctuated the encounter by peeing on the snowball. When we passed back through the other way, Racer was no longer concerned about it.

Variety Pack

Avo and Riley chewed on a big stick together, when we stopped in a field along the Bear Creek Path. Zoey chewed up various smaller twigs. Mamacita rolled around in the grass. Avo turned her attention from the stick to Mamacita, and then playfully leapt around her. Zoey's little brother Carl joined for the walk, with Jen. He was all over the place at the beginning, but started walking in place pretty well after a short way in.


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