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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rey joined Sputnik and Racer for our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning, and Griff was out for the day. Rey was extremely wiggly and excited when we picked up her packmates. On the trail, she and Sputnik got to roam off leash together for a while. Rey ran along the trail a couple times, but Sputnik did not give chase, so she turned her attention to sniffing instead. Racer hiked along at my side, with a smile, as her packmates scouted ahead. Sputnik tried mounting Rey near the end of the hike, and I removed him. When we got back to the packmobile, he instead tried buttering her up by licking her ears.

Variety Pack

When we stopped at one of the parks along the Bear Creek Trail this afternoon, Avo dropped into a sort of play-bow in the middle of her packmates. Mamacita immediately responded with a play-bow of her own. Avo darted to her and back, and then Riley joined in with a play-bow. Rey soon offered her own play-bow, and Avo bounced around between her packmates for a minute as they all made little hops and dodges together. Zoey stood poised at the edge of the action, but didn't dive in. Despite the burst of playfulness, everyone settled down and returned to walking pretty promptly when I called their attentions. The whole pack maintained composure today while passing a rollerblader, a skateboarder, and another dog. The pack's behavior made for a very nice walk, despite the cold winds that kicked up during the latter half.