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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff sprinted up and down the trails again today, and Sputnik again let him go by without making any attempts to chase or ambush him. Racer and Lou, on the other hand, watched him with keen interest, and pounced at him each time he went by us. Griff was also very interested in chewing on twigs he found in the snow - an activity that none of his packmates joined him in. Racer was more interested in just chomping on snow. Sputnik took me up on an offer of water from the CamelBak, and Lou watched with interest while Sputnik drank. I offered some to her after Sputnik had his fill, but she turned away. Sputnik took a little more, and she again watched him closely, so I offered her the spout again and only then did she decide to take a drink.

Variety Pack

Zoey chased Avo through the wide open, snowy field beside the trail on our way up to the Red Rocks by Settlers' Park. They took a break from running and hiked along with me, Mamacita, and Riley as we ascended the mountain trail. When we reach the top, Avo took a load off in the snow, while Zoey sniffed around. They went for round two of racing each other through the snow, and then returned to the trail again, panting heavily. Avo took another break, while Riley munched on snow around her, as well as some twigs she found buried there.


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