Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer chomped on some twigs today, as we made our way along the Mesa Trail. Lou followed closely in step with me, only breaking formation when I directed the dogs to some spot where I thought they might want to sniff. Sputnik and Griff scouted for such spots as they roamed off leash. I was again impressed with Sputnik's attitude about the dogs we passed today. The hikes have been much more relaxing without needing to worry about him making a fuss, even when some of the dogs we encounter are not particularly well behaved themselves.

Variety Pack

Blu and Gidget joined Riley, Avo, Zoey, and Mamacita for our walk around Wonderland Lake, with a helping hand from Jen. Gidget was full of energy again, and just wanted to go. She and Riley went absolutely nuts with excitement about seeing each other again. We kept them a bit apart at first, and gradually let them get closer as the walk went on. Avo had a brief moment of lost composure as we passed one dog, but she regained it after just a quick little bark. Zoey was insistent about making all the regular stops today. Blu and Mamacita walked along beside each other, except with Blu trying to pull ahead a little bit most of the time.