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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Racer munched on some snow while Griff explored the trail ahead of us. Racer had an upset stomach today, after a couple long streaks that were broken up by a single other time she got sick. Hopefully this was just another blip. Sputnik sniffed hello with a large black Lab today. The Lab was confident but not pushy. Sputnik grumbled momentarily but the Lab didn't react, and then they continued to sniff each other. When the Lab was called up the trail and turned away, Sputnik relaxed and got a huge smile, clearly pleased with the result of the encounter.

Variety Pack

Mamacita started off our walk with a roll in the grass. Avo watched her for a moment before deciding that Mamacita had the right idea, and then she joined her. Avo lay in the grass a couple more times on our way around Wonderland Lake, but only rolled around that first time. On the later occasions, Mamacita just sniffed around with Riley and Zoey while Avo took a break from walking. Riley is still getting a bit too intensely focused on passing dogs - going into stalking mode - but we are continuing to work on that with attention redirection and treats, alongside working on Avo's reactions to other dogs as well. Today went pretty smoothly.