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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a bit breezy during the hike this morning, but nothing compared to yesterday's winds. Ruffers and Griff explored off leash a bit. We took a slower but more steady pace today, with fewer stops. Most of our stops were initiated by Racer or Sputnik when they found something interesting to sniff. It was a peaceful outing.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, and Gidget were all paragons of calm-collectedness as I managed some outbursts from Avo toward passing dogs. Rey remained well-mannered for the most part, but joined in for a couple barks on one occasion. Blu didn't bark at anyone - he just wanted to pull over to say hello. The first half of the walk had gone quite smoothly, with everyone periodically huddling together and sitting at the prospect of receiving some turkey jerky treats. When the turkey jerky started to run low and I began doling it out a little less freely, Avo's attention turned more readily toward the dogs who passed by, and that's when she started getting into trouble. I was hoping for occasions when she would choose calmness without a treat dangled in front of her, so I could reward her for a job well done instead of just distracting her with bribes. Unfortunately, she was not in the mood to give me that opportunity today. The rest of the pack were happy with the flow of treats, and modeled better behavior for their wayward packmate.

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