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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Sputnik spent some time roaming the trails at Shanahan Ridge off leash, while Racer and Ruffers stuck on leash with me. Griff was especially into kicking up snow and dirt after marking spots today. Racer was, again, less focused on sniffing off the side of the trail than she had been in recent weeks. Sputnik got a little randy with Ruffers again today. At one point, when the dogs were sniffing and milling around, he found himself standing with his head just over Ruffers' shoulder. He had just started to shift his weight when his eyes caught mine, and he then he reconsidered his manners and stepped back. A little later, he tried a more inviting approach by nudging Ruffers in the neck with his nose and then dropping into play-bows, repeatedly, while Ruffers stood poised and hopped around a bit in response.

Variety Pack

Avo, Zoey, Mamacita, Ruffers, and Rey headed to Wonderland Lake for our afternoon walk. Avo and Rey made some playful moves in the snow with each other when we made stops along the way. Ruffers turned her attentions on Zoey and mounted her a couple times, as Sputnik did with Ruffers yesterday. Avo actually minded her manners in that regard today. Mamacita and Avo both had some words for a couple different trucks that rolled by on our way to and from Wonderland Lake, though their outbursts were relatively mild and short-lived. At a different point during the walk, Mamacita busted out her signature, rear-back-then-lunge-forward move, to express her enthusiasm for the snowy conditions.


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