Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik was hesitant to exit the packmobile again today, as he was on another recent morning. I coaxed him out with a treat. He looked a little uneasy at the beginning of the hike, but then seemed to relax as I doled out some more treats while we passed by other dogs on the trails. There were a lot of other dogs, and Griff was very happy to say hello to them. Racer was mostly just interested in sniffing around in the snow, but she and Sputnik sniffed hello with one small, black, curly-coated dog who trotted right up to us. Later on, we came across an Australian Shepherd on a long lead, who was practicing recall with distractions. Griff served as a pretty big distraction, and the Aussie just wanted to hop around and play with him until he came back over to me.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Mamacita, Avo, and Rey all munched on snow as we crossed Martin Park at the beginning of our walk at the Bear Creek Path, this afternoon. Avo and Rey were in playful moods. They did a lot of hopping and bowing with each other whenever we stopped in the various fields along the way. Rey and Avo got a bit worked up over a few of the dogs we passed on our walk, but I was able to redirect their attentions to me and keep them from going too crazy, even when a couple of the other dogs started barking at us.