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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We were on the lookout for a white dog with dark gray splotches as we hiked at Enchanted Mesa this morning. We caught sight of the errant dog, Walter, and let his distressed guardian know his general whereabouts. A minute later, we saw them reunited, and Walter's human told him "I hope you had fun" as he leashed him up. Sputnik and Griff enjoyed some time hiking off leash, and did not wander off like Walter. At one point, Griff was a little ahead of us on the trail; Racer was busily chomping at snow as she walked; Sputnik was in between us and Griff. Upon being called back, Griff bolted full-speed back down the trail, passed by us, turned on his heels, and then sprinted back up to us. Racer jumped at him each time he went by. Sputnik watched without reaction, even as Griff passed just a foot away from him.

Variety Pack

Whenever we made a stop so the dogs could sniff around in the snowy fields, Avo took the opportunity to play-bow and stir things up with her packmates. Rey was always quick to respond, and the two of them hopped around and wrestled with each other quite a bit today. Zoey joined in a few times, and had Avo and Rey gang up on her, each hopping at her from either side. Mamacita even made a few moves, though she avoided the full-contact play of her packmates. We encountered one skateboarder that Rey reacted to; and Mamacita and Avo each offered up a woof of their own, in solidarity, before I scolded them for their poor manners. Unfortunately, Avo didn't get the message and barked at a group of Jack Russell Terriers who passed by us a minute later.


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