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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The smoke was thick in the air as the pack set out at the Chautauqua this morning. We took a very leisurely pace on the trails, and kept to the flatter meadow, so as not to be sucking too much smoke in. Griff and Racer were happy to take all the time they could sniffing in the brush beside the trail. I guess Sputnik was satisfied with all the sniffing he did with Ruffers and Riley yesterday, because he often stayed on the trail with me while his packmates checked things out.

Variety Pack

The smoke started lifting by the time Avo, Mamacita, Rey, and Zoey headed out for their pack walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Avo was in a playful mood, and actually stirred Mamacita up into making some hops and dodges with her. She also jumped all over Rey, but Rey surprisingly just stood her ground without playing back, while Avo bounced around and off of her. I guess she had her fun earlier, when she and Zoey had a wrestling match at the house just before we headed out to walk.


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