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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan made so many snow angels at the beginning of our hike, I lost count. Meanwhile, Sputnik and Ruffers had a lot of sniffing to do. Between the recent coyote activity and the other hikers we passed, I kept the pack on leash for most of the hike. I let Ruffers and Dylan off at one point and encouraged them to run together, but they both ignored me and just moseyed along. At least Sputnik trotted at my side, and made a couple playful hops.

Variety Pack

Rey has gotten into the habit of charging full-steam toward any point of interest - usually tree trunks, poles, or fire hydrants that have presumably been marked by many a canine. We are putting some practice in to approaching things more gently, without ripping my arm off in her zeal. Imogene also has her moments of crazed enthusiasm, but she has been more responsive and attentive to correction whereas Rey becomes exceptionally single-minded in her drive. Hopefully the jerky I've been doling out to the pack with more regularity lately will assist in drawing Rey's attention back to me more readily. Zoey and Imogene are certainly not complaining about lesson times.


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