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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Griff met a couple little, golden-coated dogs - perhaps Norfolk Terriers, or some Doodle mix - and Ruffers especially had fun play-bowing and running around with one before we parted ways. Sputnik remained chill as we lingered to give his packmates a chance to make friends with the little ones. Afterwards, Ruffers and Griff raced each other up the trail, full of excitement after their greetings.

Variety Pack

Rey and Imogene hopped around a little at the start of our walk, but pretty quickly settled into pace. There were a few points along the way where Rey was completely absorbed in sniffing her way around the snow-covered grass beside the path. Imogene, Zoey, and Griff all did a bit of sniffing along with her, but Rey was intensely and single-mindedly focused on the scents to be tracked.


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