Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was super excited to come out with the pack again today, after taking last week off for medical treatment. When we stopped to pick up Sputnik, I thought of how the two of them used to grumble at each other in the car when they were first getting to know each other. Now, they greet each other with friendly sniffs. When we picked up Ruffers next, Dylan was waiting for me in the driver's seat, as he often likes to do. It was a beautiful day for hiking, and the dogs enjoyed exploring the north fork of Shanahan Ridge. Sputnik and Dylan did some sniffing and marking along the first stretch of trail. Further into the hike, Ruffers made some long stops to sniff particular points of interest. Dylan and Sputnik had come to check out her finds and then already moved on - with Dylan whimpering for us to get going - while Ruffers' nose was working overtime.

Variety Pack

Imogene was relatively calm and centered today, her puppy energy only bursting forth on a couple occasions during our walk around Wonderland Lake. When playful spirits did get the best of her, she reliably turned her attention to Rey, and the two of them would briefly hop around each other. Zoey picked a couple new spots to stop at during the return leg of our loop. Rey was always quick to join her in sniffing, while Imogene usually took a moment to tune into the investigations.