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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was eager to roll around in the snow this morning, and took a few opportunities early on. Once satisfied, he didn't roll around anymore for the rest of the hike. He led the pack most of the time, with a bounce in his step. Ruffers was very interested in following up behind Dylan to sniff at the spots he had found just ahead of us. Sputnik was drawn to his own spots, usually on the opposite side of the trail. When he and Dylan were off leash, they trotted side-by-side up the middle of the trail.

Variety Pack

Rey had fun running around the snowy Red Rocks trails this afternoon. We fell into a rhythm in which Rey would run a short way up the trail, then stop to sniff; as we neared, Mamacita and Imogene would start hopping toward Rey playfully. Just as we caught up, Rey would then bolt up ahead and we would repeat the pattern.


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