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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was busy today, and the pack said hello to several dogs during our hike. Ruffers got especially excited about one of the last dogs we came across. While Dylan was sniffing hello, she started jumping and dodging around, and then took off running through the snow. Sputnik minded his manners nicely for almost the entire hike, but I did hear a low grumble from him when a Golden Retriever paused and turned around - considering looping around from behind to check Sputnik out.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Carl really hit it off when they met today. Imogene made silly, playful moves in the back of the packmobile while Carl hopped around her. When we set out for our walk along the Bear Creek Path, Imogene turned her attention back to her pal Rey, and the two of them wrestled around for a minute before we started walking. Zoey kept out of all the puppy play today. She was less interested in the usual stops, and just trotted at my side without distraction.