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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Lizzo was very excited to go out with the pack this morning. When I listed the names of the packmates we were picking up, she paused for a moment to contemplate and then let out whiny woof of anticipation. Unfortunately, I lied to her, because it turned out that Dylan - the first on the list - had to sit out from pack activities today. Sputnik and Ruffers then joined us, and we hit the trails. We saw relatively few hikers as we made our way up the Flatirons Loop. Whenever we did see a dog, Ruffers and Lizzo really wanted to say hello, while Sputnik was content to stick by me and sniff in the direction of the other dog from a distance. Lizzo practiced manners by sitting and letting some dogs pass by, and then the whole pack were rewarded with treats.

Variety Pack

Everyone was surprisingly mellow as we walked the Goose Creek Path by Valmont Park this afternoon. Zoey, Mamacita, Carl, Imogene, Rey, and Lizzo all ignored the cheeping prairie dogs along the way. Rey was very insistent about sniffing in the strip of mowed grass and weeds immediately adjacent to the path, for almost the entire way. The rest of the pack joined her at first, but became less interested as the walk went on. Mamacita was happy to be back out with the pack after taking a break to recuperate from some vestibular issues that had her taking it easy for a bit. Imogene ate a fair amount of grass this afternoon, but her stomach didn't turn.


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