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Monday, July 10th

Adventure Pack

Everyone was eager to get into the stream on our way to the Anemone Trail this morning. After taking a dip, Sputnik, Rucksack, and Mamacita all started nibbling on some of the tall grass along the bank while Cooper stayed in the water as long as possible. When we reconnected with the stream further up the trail, it was Mamacita who took her time to soak while her packmates were waiting on the trail, ready to forge ahead.

Variety Pack

Stella kicked off the wiggles this afternoon at the tail end of our walk, just as we reached the grassy Elmer's Two Mile Park. Coco was quick to follow, while Colby stood between the two of them, unsure of how to react. When the two of them started to slow down, Sputnik decided it was time to join in the fun and he flopped down in the grass alongside them. Colby remained standing, along with Isaac, and the three of us just watched as their packmates acted goofy for a minute. Then everyone took some water (though Stella dodged the CamelBak spout at first and didn't take much) and we finished up our afternoon walk.

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