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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Since Cooper sat out yesterday due to a shoulder that has been bothering him, we stuck to the Boulder Creek Path this morning where it's nice and level. The pack enjoyed a few stops in the Creek along the way. Sputnik served as lead investigator when it came to sniffing around, while Cooper followed up behind him to double check his work. Griff and Coco were only moved to check out their packmates' finds on a few occasions.

Variety Pack

Zoey was all fluffy, having come straight from the groomers. She quickly got to work undoing her new 'do by hopping straight into the kiddie pool as soon as we arrived at the park. Isaac soon followed. We came across one playful pup as we walked a loop around the park. Most of the visitors were taking refuge from the hot sun, in the shade at the south end. We headed down there and Ruffers made rounds with all the other dogs. Isaac focused on fetch but also went for a few chases. Zoey splashed in the pool more and explored in the brush while occasionally joining in with Isaac for a bit of fetch.

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