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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Coco enjoyed chasing each other over and through the ditch on the far side of the Red Rocks Trails this morning. Sputnik leapt out at them whenever they passed close by, and Cooper eventually started barking at his packmates. We came across a few dogs along the trails and had friendly greetings. Griff didn't wander off as far today. He didn't always come when I called, but he tended to follow Coco whenever I called her back.

Variety Pack

We waited for some storm clouds to pass by before setting out for a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Ruffers was a bit nervous about the thunder and wanted to turn back to the car early on, but she settled down as the thunder moved further and further away. A young pup came up to us as we were walking through Martin Park at the end of our outing and sniffed hello with everyone. I watched Colby since she has been a bit temperamental with unfamiliar dogs, and I had her sit a couple times while the pup was wiggling around and sniffing hello with Zoey, Isaac, and Ruffers.

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