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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco and Griff enjoyed running up the trail and checking out spots together while Sputnik and Colby stuck with me on leash today. Colby hasn't been spinning around to look behind us anymore and has instead just been trotting along with the pack without worries.

Variety Pack

Isaac got a follower early on at the park this afternoon. The playful young American Bulldog was in Isaac's business a little too much, however, and got on Isaac's nerves. It took Isaac a few times to get the message across and then the Bulldog found more interested playmates in Ruffers, Zoey, and a couple young pups. When the pups went off on their own, Zoey and Ruffers wrestled a bit and Isaac hovered around them to dart in every now and then. Thompson was very interested in a smallish, black-coated dog and actually dropped into a few play bows and made some other playful moves with him. Later on, his old Malumute-mix admirer Keeyush showed up and lavished him with attention.

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