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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took a slower pace than usual as I still had pretty low energy after recovering from the apparent food poisoning I suffered late Monday night. Colby, Ruffers, Sputnik, and Mamacita were accommodating as they were happy to take their time sniffing along the trail. Sputnik especially took advantage of the opportunity and ended up marking about every 30 paces during the first part of our ascent.

Variety Pack

Yoda, Thompson, Coco, and Zoey enjoyed a trip to the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. Yoda and Zoey tended to linger behind in order to sniff out spots of interest. Coco led the way most of the time, while Thompson trotted along at my side. Whenever Yoda and Zoey realized the rest of us were getting ahead, they raced to catch up with Coco until a new point of interest distracted them.