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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco loves to jump at Rucksack when I first let the pack out of the car. She has for years and she continues to do so. Even after her long hiatus a few years ago, she was right back to old habits when she saw her old friend. I wonder whether Rucksack ever appreciates the familiar ritual, or is just annoyed by her exuberant assault. He never grumbles about it, so he can't be bothered too much. I took the pack at our normal pace today as I am feeling fully recuperated. We still took our time for the first stretch after the trail head because everyone wanted to sniff around and pee on everything, but once we got going we kept a good rhythm. Mamacita and Sputnik stayed on leash with me while Rucksack and Coco explored a bit. At one point, Rucksack started wandering off and ignored me when I called him back. When a couple minutes passed and he hadn't returned a started to get nervous but thought maybe he went to meet us further down the trail. We headed down to the gully to find him covered in those sticky little discs that the dogs find when they rummage through the brush - I'm not sure what they're called - and he promptly went back on the leash with Sputnik and Mamacita for the remainder of the hike.

Variety Pack

Coco went straight for a wiggle when we exited the packmobile and headed across the park by the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Stella, Thompson, Zoey, and Isaac sniffed around and found spots to relieve themselves while Coco had her fun and then Isaac started hopping around her until she popped back up and we went for our walk. When we returned to the park at the end of our walk, Isaac went for a wiggle while Coco picked at sticks. Once she found a good one, Zoey tried to steal it and Coco played keep-away from her. Stella and Thompson just hung out and let the younger ones have their fun.

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