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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff and Coco wandered over to a patch of grass beside the trail that overlooks a canyon when I first let them off leash this morning. Sputnik wanted to see what had drawn his packmates so I walked him over as well. Griff stuck around and sniffed for a while alongside Sputnik, but Coco was quickly back on the move.

Variety Pack

Isaac had both Zoey and Roger Roger to contend with in fetch this afternoon; however, Zoey came and went as she was enjoying greeting other dogs and exploring the park. Roger Roger, on the other hand, kept close to Isaac's heel for most of our park visit. Every so often, Ruffers or Zoey would get a chase started and the four of them would all race around together. Meanwhile, Benny and Thompson both greeted a lot of other dogs and they both made some playful moves. Benny got scared when a Chihuahua barked at him, and came running for protection. Ruffers had a great time dodging around with the same Chihuahua. Later on, Benny went back and made some play-bows and then chased the Chihuahua around a bit.

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