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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The whole pack enjoyed chomping on snow from the north-facing banks along the trail this morning. We came across several dogs, including one who very much looked to be a wolf hybrid. Sputnik seemed slightly on edge as we passed by that one, but he managed to maintain his manners and continue on by without incident. Rucksack wanted to go over and say hello to most of the dogs who went by. Coco and Mamacita were pretty indifferent. It was a bit breezier out than I had expected, but on the whole it was a pleasant day for hiking.

Variety Pack

Thompson was eager to get into the Creek again this afternoon. Coco joined him in the ankle-deep water while the Doodles - Zoey, Rucksack, and Roger Roger - just barely got their paws wet and then hung out together on dry land until Thompson was satisfied with his water break. The pack was kind of all over the place at the outset of our walk - with Thompson pulling one way, Rucksack pulling the other, and Zoey always wanting to go to the opposite side of me - but after that stop at the Creek, we managed to get on the same page and had an easier way back.

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