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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita dug herself another patch in the dirt at the high point of our hike this morning, and lay in it for a while as we rested in the shade. She insisted on stopping to get pets from a hiker we passed on the way back down. Surprisingly, Sputnik didn't butt his way in to steal the attention, as he often does when people say hello to the pack.

Variety Pack

Zoey had fun dodging and racing around with an Australian Shepherd at the dog park this afternoon while Yoda kept a more mellow demeanor as he made rounds and sniffed hello with all the dogs in the area. When the Aussie left, Zoey turned to fetch. Yoda found a couple other black Labs who were hanging out by the water spigot and he hung out by them for a while. Later on, Yoda lay in the shade by an Australian Cattle Dog and they both took it easy while Zoey continued to play fetch on and off.

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