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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We passed by several other dogs on the trails today. The first was a little puppy who came up to the pack. There were a couple other as we ascended and descended the mountain, and then we came across a Golden Retriever we've seen before as we made our way back across the Chautauqua meadow toward the parking area. Colby and Sputnik both stayed cool and collected through the greetings and close passings with other dogs, while Griff eagerly sniffed hello with each dog he could.

Variety Pack

Griff joined Isaac and Zoey at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. He gleefully chased after Isaac while Isaac played fetch. Meanwhile, Zoey wandered around the park to sniff. Griff made play moves with a few of the other dogs at the park. Eventually, all three of them were focused on fetch, so I found more tennis balls to keep everyone entertained. Griff rolled his paw funny when chasing after a ball with Isaac, and whimpered for a moment as he held his leg up. After about 15 seconds of delicately feeling around his leg and receiving licks to the face from him, he started walking around normally again - but he didn't try racing after his packmates anymore and had a very slight hitch to his step here and there.

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