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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took our time along the Baseline Trail again this morning before we reached the mountains. Mamacita again flopped down to wiggle in the tall grass, while Sputnik, Griff, and Colby sniffed around. Colby was back to being more mellow about passing hikers, and took it in stride without darting off the side of the trail as they went by.

Variety Pack

Mamacita was pretty tuckered out from her hike this morning, so she spent most of our park visit lounging around while Isaac and Zoey raced after tennis balls. Isaac make good use of the kiddie pool; Zoey just got her paws wet. Zoey stole a special, blue, rubber ball from park regular Thor - a Jack Russell Terrier - and played a little keep-away with it before I was able to distract her with a tennis ball.