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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita enjoyed yet another wiggle in the grass during our hike this morning. She and Sputnik both lingered in the stream for as long a they could when we crossed it, while Rucksack was surprisingly content to just step right across it and start heading along the trail. Sputnik was happy when a little boy asked to pet him. He immediately stepped up and laid his head against the boys chest.Rucksack seemed to be in a hurry to get back to the car when we started hearing thunder in the distance. Mamacita usually doesn't react well to thunder, but she actually seemed pretty calm and unfazed today. Sputnik didn't mind it at all.

Variety Pack

Molly, Isaac, and Zoey walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. It took a little while to get everyone moving in the same direction, but we eventually managed. Once we got going, Molly still pulled off to the side slightly for most of the walk. Isaac fell into his usual place directly behind me, and Zoey walked at my other side without making sudden stops the way she sometimes tends to do.