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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby was a little more jumpy about other hikers today and she took a detour through the tall grass as one jogger passed us, so as to put some distance between him and herself. Griff and Sputnik weren't worried about the people, and stuck to the trails except when they wanted to sniff out a spot and leave a scent mark.

Variety Pack

Sputnik, Zoey, Isaac, and Milo walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. Sputnik kept stubbornly veering off to the side of the path to try to leave scent marks every 20 yards or so. I started keeping him on a shorter leash so he wouldn't be as tempted, and that helped reduce the frequency of his pulling. A light sprinkle started during the latter half of our walk. The dogs didn't seem bothered by it at all. We came by an old gentleman whom we used to see in the area more regularly last year. Milo gave a low grumble as he came nearer, perhaps unnerved by the familiar greeting from someone unfamiliar to him (since he is our newest pack member and hadn't met the man before). Sputnik and Zoey went up to him and got pats on their heads, while I kept Milo on my far side and worked on settling his nerves. Isaac didn't seem nervous about the man, but he wasn't particularly interested in saying hello either.

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