Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Roger Roger joined his brother Rucksack and our usual Monday hikers - Mamacita and Sputnik - for our trip up the Saddle Rock Trail this morning. It was sunny and hot, so we took water breaks early and often. A couple hikers whom we passed on the way up asked to say hello to the dogs. The pack were happy to oblige. Roger Roger and Mamacita both got some pats, while Sputnik pushed to the front so he could get as much love as possible. Surprisingly, Rucksack hung back so he only got a few pats from the nearest of the two hikers.

Variety Pack

Zoey played a whole lot of fetch at the dog park today. Without Isaac there to compete with (and consistently outrace) her, she stayed pretty focused on fetch for the entire visit. She made a couple stops in the kiddie pool to cool down; however, she didn't lay down in it, so she only got her paws and face wet. She turned her attention to some of the other dogs at the park briefly, but came back to me for more fetch before long.