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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took long breaks at the stream today, both on our way up the trail and on our way back. Yoda took his time sniffing and exploring off leash while Sputnik and Mamacita hiked on leash at my side. Sputnik found a small chunk of wood on the trail and carried it down the mountain with him. When we reached the stream, he dropped it in the water and then spent a while trying to fish it back out again. There is something amusing about how casually Sputnik dips his snout into the water and lingers with it there. On the way back along the Meadow Trail, Mamacita flopped down in the tall grass on a hillside and wiggled on her back as she slid back down to the trail, twice. Sputnik saw this and started to shoulder down in the grass, but stopped short of a full-on, belly-up wiggle.

Variety Pack

Yoda and Milo enjoyed a walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Yoda made frequent stops to leave scent marks in the tall grass along the way. Milo joined him to sniff a few times but generally stayed on the trail, ready to keep moving. There was some cloud cover, which made it feeler cooler than it felt on the trails this morning.

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