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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer had her second hike with the pack today. She didn't pull at the leash so consistently and I wonder whether that can be attributed to her starting to learn the rules and follow her packmates versus her just being sapped of energy due to the heat. Either way, she did a very good job of walking alongside her packmates for most of the hike. Griff again helped out by boxing her out when she threatened to pull ahead of the group. Meanwhile, Sputnik was busy sniffing Milo and licking his ears as they hiked alongside each other.

Variety Pack

Milo and Isaac were happy to hop into the pond to escape the heat this afternoon. Bugs were out in force today and kept following and harassing me as we made our way around the loop. The boys took another break in the ditch about halfway around. Milo is our first pack member to show the same predisposition as Isaac, to lie down in water and get his belly wet rather than just wade about in it.