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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer was very excited to get out again with her new packmates today. She, Isaac, and Sputnik enjoyed splashing around in the stream on our way up the Anemone Trail. Racer drank from the CamelBak like a natural, again. We didn't have Griff in the pack today to help keep Racer's pulling in check. She pulled quite a bit on the way up the mountain, but started to settle down and mostly stayed by my side for the descent. Sputnik got upset and growly about one dog we passed on the trail who was lunging and scrambling toward us as we went by. Racer and Zoey just ignored the other dog. We passed a few other, calmer dogs as well, and Sputnik didn't attempt to pick any fights with them.

Variety Pack

There were storm clouds gathering as Zoey and Isaac walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. A smattering of raindrops fell, but the storm never really got going. Zoey and Isaac both sniffed around one patch of grass for a good long while before Zoey shouldered down into it and started wiggling.

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