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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack spent the hike off leash again this morning and did a fine job of sticking with the pack. Mamacita wasn't so resistant to hiking up the Anemone Trail today as she had been Monday. Everyone was very eager to get into the water the three times we passed the stream. Isaac was especially excited to jump in. He was the first one in on the way up. The next two times, Rucksack was leading the pack off leash and got into the water ahead of the others. We made a loop around Eben G. Fine Park after coming back down the mountain, and Sputnik made several stops to leave scent marks in the bushes there.

Variety Pack

Sputnik, Zoey, and Isaac walked around Wonderland Lake together this afternoon. The temperature wasn't quite so hot today and the cover from the clouds helped make it feel pretty comfortable. Before the walk, we made a stop by the house and everyone was feeling very playful. Zoey was the center of attention, with Sputnik and Isaac both chasing her around. They all settled down when we set out for the walk.

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