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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was the member of the pack most interested in staying in the water this morning. Sputnik and Rucksack were happy hopping in, wading about, and then hopping back out; but Mamacita wanted to spend as much time submerged as possible. After coming down from the mountain trails, we looped around Eben G. Fine Park, where there were lots of people and dogs taking advantage of another sunny, summer day.

Variety Pack

Another new pack member joined us for her first pack outing today: Zoe! Not to be confused with Labradoodle Zoey, Zoe is an adorable little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was quick to hop in the packmobile and sniff hello with Sputnik and Mamacita, who both greeted her with calm sniffing and light tail-wagging. We dropped off those two and picked up our afternoon pack members, Zoey and Milo, and everyone got along well with Zoe. We walked the Bear Creek Path in South Boulder, and made stops in the shade under trees along the way. Zoe took a really interest in Milo and checked him out very thoroughly while he lay in the grass during one of those stops. Milo showed a bit of interest in return, but then turned his attention aside while she continued to give him a thorough sniff-over. Zoe was very curious about the CamelBak spout as she watched Zoey drink from it. She cautiously tried lapping at the water a bit herself, but she was a little freaked out. She didn't commit to lapping up the water, but she kept coming back up to the spout and testing it out. I think she'll get used to it pretty quickly. Altogether, it was a very smooth introduction to the pack for our newest little packmate!

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