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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer, Sputnik, Colby and Griff headed up the Anemone and Red Rocks Trails this morning. Racer again started out by pulling all over the place, seemingly just for the sake of being as enthusiastically directionless as possible; but she settled in with the pack's pace surprisingly quickly today and ended up spending most of our trail time at my side, even without Griff's assistance. In fact, the whole pack was pretty mellow and stuck together nicely today. Even when Colby and Griff went off leash together, they didn't wander very far and they kept circling back to check in even without being called - except for one moment when Griff was interested in a bush off the side of the trail, beneath some low, outstretched tree branches, surrounded by small cacti; he refused to pick his way back out until we headed well down the trail to feign that we intended to leave him behind.

Variety Pack

Roger Roger and Ruffers were very excited to see each other this afternoon. They greeted one another with instant play-bows and dodges. On the walk, Rucksack kept shifting over beside Ruffers to lick at her ears. Isaac trotted along dutifully in place behind me, as he typically does on leashed walks. Clouds were out and kept us cool as we made our way around Wonderland Lake.